2021 A4DE

Motorcycling Australia Media Release: A4DE Locations Revealed

On 11 September 2019, Motorcycling Australia announced The Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club of Western Australia had been awarded the Australian Four Day Enduro Championships for 2021.

Enduro riding is an amateur off-road motorcycle sport with Australian Championships held annually. In 2021, Western Australia will host the Australian National Championships.The Australian Four Day Enduro, or A4DE as it is commonly referred to, will attract considerable attention throughout the world of off-road motorcycling.

WA has promoted successful Australian Championships over the past thirty years. Australian Enduro riders hold the WA events in high regard and the memory of the great success of the 2013 A4DE held in Harvey will ensure we attract a healthy field of riders to the 2021 event. In 2013, a record 243 riders entered the event, over 70 riders travelled interstate to be part of the event bringing with them a large contingent of support crew and spectators.

The Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club of WA is an incorporated club affiliated with the state governing body of the sport, Motorcycling Western Australia(MWA). Established in 1970, the Club has a wealth of experience in running off-road motorcycle events. The Club has a proud tradition of promoting major events of national importance and intends to make the 2021 Australian Championships another successful event. The 2021 A4DE will be held in Harvey, 145km south of Perth in May, 2021. More than 250 competitors with support crews are expected to arrive in the area up to eight days ahead of the event. Each day competitors will make their way into the forests in the surrounds of Harvey, with the final day being a natural terrain motocross program expected to draw large crowds of spectators.

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