Club Constitution

1.1 NAME

The club shall be known as the Trail and Enduro Motor Cycle Club of Western Australia (incorporated) and will have its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia.


The club badge shall be circular of colours red and gold. The words “TRAIL & ENDURO M.C.C. W.A.” shall be radially and concentrically located around the perimeter, internal of the actual rim. Laurel leaves shall constitute another concentric section, leaving a circle around the centre of approximately 60% of the badge diameter. In this circle shall be a solo motor cycle of enduro machine characteristics with a mounted rider.


The club colours shall be red and gold.


The seal of the club shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary or Treasurer. It shall only be altered by a motion at a meeting of the club.


In the construction of this constitution and all rules made and laws thereunder, except where context or subject otherwise requires:

1.5.1 Club: shall mean the Trail and Enduro Motor Cycle Club of Western Australia (Incorporated).

1.5.2 M.A.: shall mean Motorcycling Australia.

1.5.3 W.A.M.A.: shall mean the Western Australian Motorcycling Association (Incorporated).

1.5.4 President: shall mean the President of the club.

1.5.5 Secretary: shall mean the Secretary of the club.

1.5.6 Treasurer: shall mean the Treasurer of the club.

1.5.7 Executive: shall mean the Executive Committee of the club.

1.5.8 Membership: shall mean a person being a financial member of the club, who has paid all monies due and payable under these rules.All cases of dispute of these rules shall be decided by the executive whose decision shall be final.


1.6.1 To, promote and encourage motorcycling and cooperate with kindred bodies in fostering and maintaining motor cycling as a sport.

1.6.2 To promote and encourage diversity of members’ interests in the sport and to introduce them to all aspects of the sport and, wherever feasible, prepare members in undertaking other aspects of the sport to which the club, at that particular moment, may not cater.

1.6.3 To organise competitions, social outings and activities of diversity equal to that diversity of members’ interests and to encourage good fellowship amongst members and all kindred bodies.

1.6.4 To foster and maintain the prestige of the club and the sport.

1.6.5 To employ, if necessary, all efforts or assets in the protection of interests of the. sport, the club, or its members.

1.6.6 To submit to promoters any terms that may be of mutual interest.

1.6.7 To engage rooms for the purpose of club meetings and to conduct same and obtain licence etch, purchase, lease or otherwise acquire any property, real or personal and erect any such buildings, borrow and raise money upon, mortgage of any such property, sell, lease or exchange, or otherwise deal with any property on such terms as the club may see fit, issue debentures, invest and deal with the funds of the club In furthering these objects.


Membership shall be open to any person interested in motor cycling.


The club shall be governed by an executive committee, hereinafter referred to as the executive, consisting of the President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Secretary, Social Secretary and Official Scorer, and, if not already accounted for above, a W.A.M.A. delegate determined by election at an annual general meeting.The immediate Past President is an automatic appointment to the executive for one year only. The executive shall have the power to appoint subcommittees and deal with all matters and transact any business that may affect the club and its members.

The executive shall be elected at each annual general meeting and shall hold office for the term of one year. They shall be deemed to have resigned on completion of ,their term.,of office, but.still be eligible for reselection.
The exception being the President who, after holding office for three (3) consecutive years shall be ineligible for reselection for a period of a club year as determined from annual general meeting to annual general meeting.


This club is affiliated to and hereby declares itself a member club of W.A.M.A.The club may, by resolution at any general meeting, withdraw from affiliation and may enter any such other association as the club may see fit. Notice of motion of such intention must be in the hands of the secretary in writing at least one general meeting period before the general meeting at which said resolution may be taken.


Every member of the club shall be considered to be acquainted with, and shall submit to, and be bound by these rules and by any other rules and/or regulations made in conformity to these rules.


The constitution and rules of the club shall not be altered except by a vote of two thirds (2/3) majority of members present at the Annual General,Meeting, or at any special general meeting called for that purpose. Fourteen (14) days. notice in writing must be lodged with the Secretary who, if subsequent to the Annual General Meeting shall convene a special general meeting, shall give notice of such meeting, stating the objects of the same to the members not less than (7) days before the. date fixed for the meeting at which (20) twenty members shall constitute a quorum.


1.12.1 The club’s financial year shall be from 1st July to 30th June inclusive.

1.12.2 The club’s competition and membership year shall be from 1st January to 1st December inclusive.


The club shall consist of all members appearing in the register as kept by the club treasurer, as being members of the club.

1.13.1 Junior Members: Shall be those persons being under the age of seventeen (17) years at the time of application to join the club. Said persons shall be automatically transferred to senior membership at their seventeenth birthday.

1.13.2 Active Members: Shall be those persons of the club who, having nominated for membership as active and having paid the appropriate fee, shall be permitted to apply to the Secretary for application for an M.A. competition licence and shall be permitted to enter in the club’s name in any M.A. permitted event or competition providing such entry does not constitute an infringement of the general competition rules, this constitution, club bylaws and regulations or the supplementary regulations for that event. Active members have the right to vote, hold office, speak and are considered the full members of the club.

1.13.3 Social Members: Shall be those persons other than active members who have paid the appropriate fees, nominated as social members.

1.13.4 Senior Members: All persons over seventeen years of age. Any member wishing to compete must hold a motorcycle licence as issued under the Road Traffic Act.

1.13.5 Transfer of Category of Membership: A member may, upon application to the executive committee be reallocated from social to active membership, and upon paying the difference of annual fees be recognised as an active member. Should a member transfer from active to social membership no reimbursement of fees is due.

1.13.6 Life and Honorary Members: These may be elected at any General Meeting subject to the following conditions: Life Members: Members of one year’s membership, in good standing, who have rendered signal service to the club.Life members may be elected at an Annual General Meeting by 90% majority vote. A life member shall employ all the rights accorded a senior active member. Honorary Members: Honorary members may be elected for a period not exceeding three (3) years in return for services rendered to the club or its members. Any further appointment of honorary membership shall be at the discretion of the executive. An honorary member will be inscribed oil the books of the club and hold all privileges accorded a senior active member with the exception that an honorary member may not. vote, not hold office, though an honorary member may speak on any matter. Honorary members are elected under the same conditions as those aforementioned pertaining to life members. Temporary Members: Temporary members may be admitted to the Club for a period and at a subscription as decided from time to time by the Executive. Temporary members shall not have voting rights, nor may they hold office, but in all other matters are considered full members of the Club.


The annual fees shall be such sum as the executive may, from time to time, decide. Such amount is to be paid no later than the first meeting of the competition year it respect of which said amount is due. Any member sixty (60) days in arrears of subscription or of any amount equal to or more than the membership fee due and not advising to the contrary, the executive shall have the power to terminate his/her membership forthwith.


Any member whose subscription is not in arrears may resign his/her membership on giving notice in writing thereof to the Secretary who shall report same to the executive at the next executive meeting when such resignation will be dealt with. On acceptance of such resignation by the executive, such member will forfeit club membership and all rights and privileges thereto.Upon cessation of membership there shall be no claim upon the club nor upon any of its property. Immediately upon acceptance of the resignation the exmember must return, or make invalid in terms of the registered club name and insignia such name and insignia on, all club badges/ guernseys or other such goods carrying the club’s insignia and/or name and competition licence and any club property currently held in his/her possession.


Upon a written complain of one or more members of the club a member may, by two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the executive at a meeting be admonished, suspended or his/her expulsion be imposed for conduct considered to be detrimental to the welfare, progress or character of the club. The executive at such a meeting shall investigate the circumstances connected with the case and their finding or decision shall thereupon be forwarded by the secretary to such member, who shall, at the same time, be given at least seven (7) days notice to attend the next Executive Meeting for the purpose of being heard In reply to the finding of the executive. The final result will be determined by two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the executive.For that purpose of defining conduct detrimental to the character, progress or welfare of the club, such conduct shall include or relate to any member of, or being concerned in any of the following:
(a) Causing, or attempting to cause, dissatisfaction or grievance amongst the members.
(b) Being drunk or disorderly.
(c) Abusing police or civil law.
(d) Wilfully disobeying or abusing the officials.
(e) Conducting him/her self in an unsportsmanlike manner.
Annual fees during suspension and pending final decision of the executive shall be payable by any suspended member. Any member affected may appeal irrespective thereof to the general members. Such appeal shall be given within seven (7) days from the date of the executive’s finding and a special general meeting of the members to deal with same shall be called thereupon b the Secretary.


Should expulsion of a member be deemed necessary following an executive meeting’s findings, the matter shall be referred to the next General Meeting for final decision by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present.


1.18.1 Quorums: Should insufficient financial members to form a quorum be present thirty (30) thirty minutes after the appointed meeting time, then no meeting will be held. Twenty member shall constitute a quorum.

1.18.2 Executive: The executive shall meet as may be deemed necessary. Five (5) members of the executive shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings of the executive may be called by a written requisition, signed by not less than five (5) members, to the Secretary. Two (2) days’ notice at least of any special meeting must be given by the Secretary and shall state the nature of the business for which the meeting was called.

1.18.3 General: A Competitions Committee meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of each month and a general meeting on the third Wednesday of each month with the exception of the summer recess, the duration of which is to be decided by the Executive Committee at the completion of competition for the year. Notice of the first general meeting of the next competition year is. to be announced to immediate past members with not less than seven (7) days notice.

1.18.4 Special General: Notice of a desired special general meeting shall be given by not less than five (5) members signing the requisition to the Secretary not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date appointed for such meeting. The Secretary shall convene the meeting and thereupon notify all members of the date, time and venue for the special general meeting and the nature thereof. No other business will be accepted. Not less than seven (7) days notice shall be given the members. Twenty (20) members shall constitute a quorum.

1.18.5 Annual General Meeting: The annual general meeting shall be held on the first (1st) Wednesday of July of each year for the purpose of receiving the President’s report, the Auditor’s report and balance sheet and election of office bearers for the ensuing year, and general business. Seven (7) days notice of such meeting shall be given members. Twenty (20) members shall constitute a quorum.

1.18.6 Attendance at Meetings: Any office bearer absenting himself three (3) times in succession, shall forfeit his/her position unless an apology for expected absence is received by the Secretary prior to the meeting and is accepted by the meeting.


The Executive shall have the power to frame, subject to confirmation at the next annual general meeting, amend or rescind Bylaws if considered necessary for facilitating the work and objects of the club, such bylaws to be consistent with the constitution and rules. The Executive shall interpret and construe the rules and bylaws in respect to all matters and things arising thereunder and their decision shall be final. All bylaws so altered shall be minuted and amended for the Annual General Meeting at which meeting they will be adopted or rejected.


All nominations for official positions must be proposed and seconded by two (2) financial members and the consent of the nominee obtained in writing if not present. If there be more nominations than the required number the election shall be by a system of voting to be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


Should it appear to the executive committee that any officer is not properly performing his duties, the executive may, by a two thirds (2/3) majority of members present and voting, recommend that such office be declared vacant, to be decided by a majority vote at the next general meeting.


Voting at a committee meeting shall be taken by a show of hands. The President or Chairperson of any executive meeting shall have a deliberative as well as a casting vote. No proxies will be permitted at any meeting.


The club’s books, including all cheque and other butts shall be audited by an Auditor to be appointed by the executive of the club one month before the Annual General Meeting each year.


The Trustees, President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Secretary, Social Secretary, Guarantors and members of the Executive shall from time to time and at all times be saved harmless and kept indemnified from and against all costs, charges, losses, damages or expenses which such person or persons or any of them sustain, incur or be put to in or about the execution and discharge of their respective trusts and offices or in or about any action, suit or proceedings at law or in equity in which they or any of them shall or may be plaintiffs or defendants provided that such person or persons shall have acted at the directive of the executive for the time being. Provided always that the amount of such costs, damages, charges and expenses for which indemnity is intended to be hereby provided shall immediately it shall have been sustained or incurred be paid from the funds of the club and that none of the trustees or other offices of the club shall be answerable or accountable for the others or any of them or any person whomsoever but for his own acts, deeds and defaults alone.Any person or persons partaking in any way whatsoever in any event or activity conducted in the name of, or under sanction from, or in conjunction with or in any way connected or associated with the club or officials, committees or members shall. before being eligible to compete or partake of the activity in any way or form or capacity whatsoever, be compulsorily obliged to complete all details and sign an official indemnification form. The form shall be worded as follows in this article and must be available in sufficient quantity at any activity whatsoever as aforementioned. Should the person or persons aforementioned be under the age of 18 years, the form must also be signed by said person or persons parent/s or legal guardian, giving that person or person’s complete authority to partake of any activity as described herein, and giving the club full authority to include said person or persons in any events or activities in which the minors are to partake. Until such time as such indemnification has been completed in details and signed to the complete satisfaction of the Secretary of the meeting or activity, then those person or persons must under no circumstances be, permitted, in any form or capacity to partake of any herein implicated activity.

The wording of such indemnification clause shall be the same as the current MAWA indemnification for competition entry.


The executive committee shall, subject to the confirmation or otherwise of its actions by next ensuing general meeting, have the following powers:(a) To demand and collect all subscriptions and dues payable by members.
(b) To incur all necessary expenses for the proper upkeep and business of the club and to pay all such sums incurred.
(c) To submit matters as may seem proper and of sufficient importance to its members for decision by ballot.

Provided that all acts of the executive done in pursuance of the powers granted by these rules shall have full force and effect and be of full validity until such acts have been confirmed or otherwise dealt with by the next ensuing general meeting of the club, or as by these rules otherwise provided.


The club shall be dissolved in the event of membership being less than twenty (20) financial members, or upon a vote of not less, than three fourths 3/4) of financial members present at a special general meeting convened in strict accordance to the rules to consider such a question. Fourteen (14) days notice in writing of any proposed dissolution shall be given members. Upon dissolution of club all assets and funds to hand will, after payment of all expenses and liabilities be handed over to the club’s bankers, and such monies be held in trust for twelve (12) months after said dissolution.The monies shall then be divided equally among the existing active members or paid to such charitable organisation or organisations as determined by the meeting.


All debts and liabilities of the club shall be liquidated out of the general funds of the club.


Applications for competition licences must be made on the official form accompanied by an appropriate fee and delivered to the Secretary for appropriate processing.


All competitions and rules governing same shall be under the Sports Secretary and the Competitions Committee.


Any member desiring to propose a motion or amendment or to discuss any matter under consideration must rise and address the Chairperson. No member when speaking shall be interrupted unless called to order, when he shall sit down and the member so calling order shall b heard. in preference to any other speaker, and the Chairperson shall then decide without discussion upon the point of order before the subject is resumed or any other subject entered upon. No member may speak to an motion after the same has been put by the Chairperson and has been voted upon. When two or more member rise to speak, the Chairperson shall call upon the member who in his opinion rose first in his place. The mover an seconder, except a seconder proforma of any motion c amendment, shall be held to have spoken to the same. I the discussion, no member shall be allowed to speak more than once, except strictly in explanation, except the mover of the original motion, who shall have the right to reply.A member, when speaking, must confine his remarks to the subject under debate and avoid personalities. He shall not use any discourteous language or reflect on a member whilst in debate. Any member feeling dissatisfied with the decision of the Chairperson on any point of order may appeal to the members present, provided the appeal is seconded. In cases of appeal from the ruling of the Chairperson, a temporary Chairperson shall be appointed and the question shall be as follows: “Shall the decision of the Chairperson stand as the judgment of the Meeting’ and this question shall be decided without debate. If, after two speakers have spoken successively on the same side of a question and no speaker follows on the other side, the Chairperson shall submit the motion or amendment to the meeting after affording the mover the right to reply. No motion that “the question be now put shall be entertained at any meeting. A motion having been duly moved and seconded, discussion thereon may be interrupted by some or all of the following further motions, which in turn must be seconded but of which no notice shall be required:
(a) To amend the motion
(b) To postpone the question
(c) To adjourn the debate
(d) To adjourn the meeting
An amending motion shall not be a mere negative, but must be relevant to the original motion, may be moved or seconded by any member whether he has or has not already spoken on the original motion, must not be moved after the question is put, gives no right of reply to the mover and cannot be withdrawn without the consent of the meeting. Before a motion to adjourn the debate is put the mover of the question under debate shall be allowed the right of reply. No, other discussion shall be permitted.
The mover of a resolution to adjourn shall have the right to reopen the debate when it is resumed.
Before a motion to adjourn the meeting is put, the mover of the question under debate shall be allowed the right of reply.

No such motion shall be declared carried unless a majority of at least two thirds of the members present and voting in favour thereof.


1.31.1 Patron
One patron shall be elected. The patron shall have no official responsibility but shall assist the club to the best of his/her ability. The patron may attend any meeting or social function should they so desire. The terms of office of patron is for a period of no more than three (3) years at which time reelection is the prerogative of the club at an annual general meeting.

1.31.2 President
The President shall preside at all meetings and social functions and generally carry out the duties as the chairperson and give rulings when required. He shall have the same right to speak on any question under discussion as any other member. He shall have a deliberative vote and a casting vote. The president shall have full power to expel a member from such meeting should he deem it necessary and should be only subject to the decisions of the executive duly convened. He shall enforce this constitution and rules and see that the duties of other office bearers are properly performed. The president, in conjunction with the secretary or treasurer is authorised to transact the banking procedure of the club.

1.31.3 Immediate Past President
May attend all meetings of the executive and shall carry out and perform such duties as are delegated to him by the executive and/or club.

1.31.4 Vice President
One vice president will be elected, and will act in the capacity of president in the president’s absence.

1.31.5 Secretary
The secretary shall act as executive officer of the club and conduct the affairs of the club under the direction of the executive. He shall have the power to convene all meetings, maintain an accurate minute of all meetings and conduct all correspondence under direction of the executive and on behalf of the club. He shall keep a list of all office bearers and their date of election. The secretary shall be an exofficio member on all committees and subcommittees. The secretary, in conjunction with the president or treasurer have the power to act for the club in banking transactions. The secretary shall be paid an honorarium in cash of such sum as may be from time to time determined by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote at an annual general meeting, plus telephone account for rental plus 50% of local telephone calls unless otherwise determined at an annual general meeting by 90% majority vote.Fifty (50) per cent of said honorarium will be awarded at biannual intervals, commencing at six months from the annual general meeting at which the secretary was elected. Should the secretary be elected to fill an extraordinary vacancy the honorarium payments will commence not until six months office has transpired and will be adjusted proportionately and accordingly to synchronise honorarium payments.

1.31.6 Treasurer
The treasurer shall receive members fees and any other monies due to the club. He will issue official receipts for same, and pay all monies into the bank in the club’s name, keeping a record of trust accounts and a current account for normal business. All cheques for payment must be signed by any two of the treasurer, secretary and president.He shall produce a statement of receipts and expenditure to every general meeting. He shall also present a statement of receipts and payments, together with a balance sheet, duly audited by the club’s auditor at the annual general meeting. He shall keep a register of all financial members together with the members addresses.

1.31.7 Auditor
An auditor shall be appointed by the club and will be responsible for examining the club’s books for account and the annual balance sheet as prepared by the treasurer. The auditor, by arrangement with the executive, will have access to the books of account at any time during the year, but shall not retain the books for any period greater than three (3) weeks at any one time.The auditor shall submit in writing a report on the club’s financial situation to the executive for presentation at the annual general meeting of the club. If a vacancy in the position of auditor shall occur at any time, the executive shall appoint a replacement immediately.

1.31.8 Sports Secretary
The sports secretary shall effect the recommendations of the competitions committee following approval of such recommendations by a general meeting, unless said committee has had a previous directive from the club in any matter.

1.31.9 Machine Examiners
Up to six (6) machine examiners may be elected by the club. At least one (1) machine examiner shall examine all competitor’s machines to ensure that they comply with the rules and supplementary regulations. Any machine or competitor considered to be at variance to the rules or supplementary regulations shall be reported to the steward of the meeting for further action. All machine examiners must hold a machine examiner’s licence.

1.31.10 Publicity Officers
Up to three (3) publicity officers may be elected by the club. They shall conduct the publicity of the club in cooperation with the sports secretary and the club secretary, keeping in close touch with motoring journals and other news media. They shall arrange publicity plans for all competitions and social functions of the club to which they are delegated.They shall liaise with advertisers and advertising agents in any media requirement and inform the media generally as to results of club activities. No matters of club policy shall be in any way discussed with the news media unless prior approval has been given by the executive. The publicity officers shall publish news for internal club circulation on no greater intervals than three (3) months.

1.31.11 Property Officer
Shall keep an accurate record of all club properties together with their current location and shall provide such record to the secretary for inclusion in the Annual General Meeting financial statement.

1.31.12 Official Scorer
Shall be a financial member as elected who shall be responsible to the competitions committee for the maintenance of an accurate progressive points score for club championship series and shall work in liaison with the secretary to ensure eligibility of all persons competing. The official scorer may, on an event to event basis, be appointed to relieve the competitions committee of clerical duties pertaining to a particular event. The official scorer must have to hand no later than fourteen (14) days after any event all relevant results that may affect the club championship. The official scorer may appoint assistants, with the knowledge and approval of the competitions committee, but shall remain solely responsible for the maintenance and availability of a progressive club championship points score for each general meeting.

1.31.13 Competitions Committee
The competitions committee shall consist of no less than four (4) members, one of whom shall be automatically appointed concurrent to their election as sports secretary. The competitions committee shall elect its own chairperson and shall be responsible for the arrangement of all sporting events as decided upon by the members of the club, and will work in conjunction with the executive committee. They have the power to coopt any member for assistance that may be required. They will have the power to appoint subcommittees. The committee shall meet as may be deemed necessary and three (3) members shall constitute a quorum.The competition committee’s recommendations are to be passed by a two thirds (2/3) majority of members present at a general meeting.
The order of debate shall be:
(a) The minutes of the previous meeting be read by committee chairperson.
(b) Business arising from the minutes. If a point is not agreed upon, a vote will be taken to amend, pass, or submit for reclarification.
(c) Following all discussion on recommendations the minutes will be passed by a two thirds (2/3) majority of members present at the meeting.

1.31.14 Social Secretary
The Social Secretary will be responsible for arranging and conducting all social events as may be decided by the Club. The Social Secretary shall report to the Executive on all relevant plans, developments and results.

1.31.15 Association (W.A.M.A.) Delegates
The association delegates shall comprise of two (2) elected members plus one (1) emergency delegate and will represent the club members on the W.AMA . council and shall attend all W.A.M.A. meetings. In the absence of one (1) delegate then the emergency delegate shall take his place and have the full powers of an ordinary delegate. The delegates at all times will act in the club’s best interests in all matters. They shall not be empowered to vote expenditure from club funds without reference to the members at a general meeting. In replacing a delegate the claims of the existing emergency delegate shall be considered.


1.32.1 Club Champion
The club champion shall be a financial active member and shall be determined by outright scores allocated to relevant club events during the year.That person accruing the greatest aggregate score shall be deemed to be the club champion for a period of twelve (12) months. The club championship shall be divided into four (4) grades, being Expert, Clubman, Greybeard and Trail bike. The club champion is to be awarded a perpetual trophy, to be purchased at the clubs expense and maintained by the recipient. The club champion shall also be awarded a personal trophy, purchased at the expense of the club.
The perpetual trophy is to be returned at the end of the term of champion, being the immediate competition year after the year in which the points score warranting appointment as champion was accrued. The club champion shall be made known at the annual trophy presentation. Records of all results will be made available to all members by requested appointment.
Appeals against the decision for club champion will be received by the secretary in writing no later than one week before the next general meeting. The executive shall make the final decision after which no discussion will be entered into.

1.32.2 Overall Club Champion
This award shall be given to the active financial member who accrues the highest total of outright and class points allocated for relevant club events during the year. Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Perpetual and personal trophies shall be awarded as for the Club Champion.

1.32.3 Junior Club Champion
This award shall be given to the active financial member who accrues the highest total of outright and class points allocated for relevant club events during the year and who has not attained his twentieth birthday at the commencement of the competition year. Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Perpetual and personal trophies shall be awarded as for the Club Champion.

1.32.4 Most Improved Rider
The award for the most improved rider shall be given a financial active member either junior or senior, and shall be determined by a joint voting of members of the executive and competitions committees. That person receiving the greatest aggregate points score from voting shall be deemed the most improved rider. Term of title, appeal and presentation shall be as for the club champion. The trophy shall be a trophy being non perpetual and purchased annually at the club’s expense. Points win be allocated by members of the committees on a 1, 2, 3 basis with 3 points being given to that person who in the opinion of the member has shown the most marked improvement in his/her ability at the sport.

1.32.5 Clubman of the Year
This award shall be given the financial member of any category deemed by the executive and competitions committees to have given signal performance in the pursuance of the club’s objectives. The term of title, and presentation shall be as for the club champion. The trophy shall be perpetual with the original purchase cost at the expense of the club. The recipient shall be expected to return the trophy in its original condition at the completion of the term of title. A personal trophy, being non perpetual, shall be given the clubman of the year by and at the expense of the club.

1.32.6 Encouragement Award
Shall be given to that financial member, being an active junior or senior, who, in the opinion of the executive and competitions committees has shown the most conscientious application of effort in efforts to improve his/her ability at the sport. The term of title, appeals and presentation shall be as for the club champion. The trophy shall be a personal trophy awarded by and at the expense of the club.

1.32.7 “Stiff Cheese” Trophy
Shall be awarded to that financial member who, in the opinion of the executive and competitions committees has been the recipient of the most unfortunate amount of unfortunate incidents, yet has continued in his/her efforts. There shall be no appeal.Presentation shall be as for the club champion as will also be term of the title.
The award shall be a personal trophy awarded by and at the expense of the club.

1.32.8 Sportsman of the Year
This award shall be given to the active financial member who in the opinion of the executive and competition committees has exhibited the best sportsmanship by helping and encouraging other riders and maintaining a cheerful disposition.Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Perpetual and personal trophies shall be awarded as for the Clubman of the Year.

1.32.9 Sportswoman of the Year
This award shall be given to the active financial member who in the opinion of the executive and competition committees has given the most support and assistance towards the Club’s objectives. Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Perpetual and personal trophies shall be awarded as for the Clubman of the Year.

1.32.10 Laurie Corbett Award
This award shall be given to the active financial member who accumulates the most points in State Championship events. Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Perpetual and personal trophies shall be awarded as for the Clubman of the Year.

1.32.11 Des Noble Memorial Enduro Winner
This award shall be given to the member of any club who is the outright winner of the Des Noble Memorial Enduro. Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Perpetual and personal trophies shall be awarded as for the Clubman of the Year.

1.32.12 Class Championships
These awards shall be given to active financial members for first, second and third placings in overall Club Championship points score for Expert, Clubman and Greybeard in classes as decided by the competition committee. Term of title and presentation shall be as for the Club Champion. Personal trophies, being non perpetual, shall be awarded by and at the expense of the Club.

1.32.13 “Golden Shovel” Award
Shall be awarded to the financial member who, in the opinion of the executive and competition committees has told the tallest stories around the campfire and at club meetings. There shall be no appeal. The trophy is a perpetual trophy and is to be returned in good condition prior to the following annual trophy presentation.

1.32.14 Perpetual Piss Poor Preparation Prize
Shall be awarded to that financial member who, in the opinion of the executive and competition committees commits the worst single act of preparation or overall poor preparation for the competition year. There shall be no appeal. The trophy is a perpetual trophy and is to be returned in good condition prior to the following annual trophy presentation.

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