2017 Capel State Enduro Round 4 – Results

July 3, 2017


Late in the second running of test 2 a rider reported to Lynne Makin that there was a significant short cut in the test. After talking to a second rider I walked out the to look at the short cut. There was a Y junction in the course with the marked race line running right and a previous trail to the left. Bunting on the left line was broken. There were a lot of marks on the ground to suggest that riders had entered the left then corrected but there were a lot of tracks that continued to where the trails re-joined. The difference between the marked course and the shortcut was 460m. The point where the track re-joined was a sweeping right turn with bunting on the outside  so anyone who was on the short cut without realising would have definitely known when they exited. 

I have identified the rider who broke the bunting in the pre-ride and spoken to riders who entered the short cut then returned to the trail as well as riders whose test results suggested that they used the short cut. One rider who admitted using the short cut was the rider who reported it to Lynne Makin. Looking at the results there are eight riders who have a result that does not fit against the rest of the field in the other tests. Seven of the eight had their fast run on the first time test 2 was used suggesting that they entered in error and corrected on the second run. The one rider whose second run was faster is the rider who reported the short cut.

The number of tracks on the ground is significantly more than the off results which suggests that a substantial number of people took the line in their pre-ride and corrected for the timed runs. On the out run of the test there are significant points where the return run is visible however at the point where the short cut occurred the return run was not visible so there was no reason for riders to identify it as a short cut.

Based on all the discussions I have had with riders and having seen the site I am reasonably comfortable that no one intentionally cut the course. After reviewing the results I am scrapping the first run of test 2 for all classes and the second run of test 2 for C2 only.

If anyone is not happy with the decision they can discuss with me after hours on 0417310027. If not happy with that discussion you can lodge a formal protest in accordance with the GCR’s (note time limits apply).



Any other queries regarding scoring please email webmaster@trailandenduro.com.au

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