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Adventure Rally and Family Fun Day Entries are Open !

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Rally T Shirts

The specially printed T Shirts for the Rally represent a significant cost to the event. In an effort to reduce the cost of having to print a wide range of sizes without knowing the exact numbers for each size there is a cut off date for getting a T Shirt. There is a 3 week lead time for getting the T Shirts printed.

The cutoff date is 12:00 midnight on 1st May 2014 to get a T Shirt with your entry. After this date you can still enter but no T Shirt will be supplied when your entry.

It is YOUR responsibility to collect your T Shirt on the day of the Rally.

Please leave your GPS at home - anyone found using one will be excluded from the Rally on the spot with no refund. No ifs or buts - this is a Department of Parks and Wildlife requirement and as such is not negotiable.


Calendar – Updated

A DRAFT Calendar has been updated

Check back often for updates

Walpole flyer - NOTE: Venue change

February Dirty News ... read all about it !